It takes a real broad to show up at the Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists Awards with both lackluster makeup AND wilting gym hair, topped off with a suit she bought from a Liza Minnelli impersonator on eBay. The proportions are wonkus and she looks hilarious, and honestly, she has a seat at Drinks With Broads anytime she likes. I don’t care what her hair is doing. This woman was on Paper Dolls with Morgan Fairchild, and Knots Landing, and Desperate Housewives, and now the new Dynasty. And she was with Michael Bolton. There is TEA TO BE SPILLED, and we can spike it.

Just in case you want to see better hair and makeup, I give you Special Guest Star Melissa McCarthy:

6th Annual Make-Up Artists & Hair Stylists Guild Awards

Her suit jacket might not entirely fit EITHER. What was going on at this thing? We don’t need to IGNORE tailors just because the event is about above-the-neck.

[Photos: WENN]