Keira wore this on…Monday night, I believe. (The three-day weekend has gotten me very turned around with regards to what day we’re actually living through.) Regardless: She wore it before we learned that Karl Lagerfeld had died, and she often wears Chanel, so I would not take this as a tribute, per se. That makes it sound like I think Keira is UNMOVED by the Kaiser’s demise, and that is not my intention as much as I am just SETTING THE SCENE here. The truth is that, as tributes go, this one would be a little glum anyway, though her head looks great, and it does have a kind of Tragical Medieval Widow But Modernized But Only to 1914 feel that I appreciate. Let’s see if we can get Keira a cameo in that¬†Downton spin-off that you know they’re percolating, and then we’ll talk.

[Photo: Mario Mitsis/]