Leaving aside the fact that Nicole here is wearing a shirt posing as a dress — and also leaving aside the fact that I’m low-key sad that Heather and I never managed to see her in Cats — let’s talk about what’s happening with her sleeve. It literally made me laugh out loud:

Nicole Scherzinger out and about, Los Angeles, USA - 06 Jun 2018

That is not a sleeve. It is an arm-warmer tied to a tank-top. And it is too complicated for 2018. We have a lot of problems. So many problems! WE DO NOT HAVE TIME TO PARSE A SLEEVE! A sleeve is a wish your arm makes, when it wants to be warm. NO ONE ever thought, “What if we took the Cold Shoulder…and moved it down six inches?!” No one ever thought, “I wish this shirt were more inexplicable to me; I have so much free time. I want to waste some of it reflecting upon what a sleeve truly is.” SLEEVE OR DO NOT SLEEVE. WE DID NOT NEED THIS MIDDLE GROUND. NO ONE EXPECTS SLEEVE PURGATORY.

[Photo: REX/Shutterstock]