There is something undeniably FASHION SHOWGIRL! about this, and goodness knows, Nicki loves a costume-y look, so it’s a good match of woman and Wang. I mean, can you imagine this on Kate Bosworth or Naomie Harris or Viola Davis or Emma Watson or GOOP? No. This is a look for a woman who often doesn’t really wear clothes as much as she opts for outfits. Nicki likes a look — and I like that about Nicki, and ergo, I kind of like this on Nicki, even though she basically looks like she tucked her skirt into her tap pants, the better for us to admire her amazing footwork as she breaks out into her featured tap solo.  We know Nicki enjoys theatrics — and, in fact, in that post I compare her 2012 Grammys look to the time Marlena was possessed by the devil, The Sound of MusicThe Omen, and say, “[her look] was like someone decided to make a Broadway musical of The Exorcist, but with a sub-plot totally based on that Taylor Momsen song where she sleeps with a priest to have him intercede with God over a murder she committed,” and now that I’ve seen her in what may be yet another costume from that very show, I NEED IT MORE THAN EVER. Think about it. Music by Momsen, costumes by Wang, starring Minaj? As Rilo Kiley would have sung, it’s a hit.

[Photo by Gregory Pace/REX/Shutterstock]