Oh, Solange, thank you. We were getting so bored of liking what people were wearing at Fashion Week:

Charlotte Ronson - Front Row - Spring 2011 MBFW
We erroneously thought the shoes were those McQueen lobster-claw things, but they’re actually just knockoffs (albeit still nutso). However, we were NOT erroneous in our displeasure with the Bermuda shorts, or the shirt that looks a bit like three people recently used it as a Kleenex. Click here for a roundup of the other people we saw at Charlotte Ronson’s show on Friday.
Earlier that day, we chatted up Rebecca Romijn at Cynthia Rowley, mostly because her twins are six months older than mine and I wanted to know what to steel myself for; apparently, it’s for being constantly afraid one of them is going to climb up the bookshelves and go splat. Gulp.
The star wattage was good all day, actually: Claire Danes made an appearance at Z Spoke for Zac Posen, but people barely cared because Kristin Cavallari was there and apparently thats’s more interesting. And speaking of reality TV stars, cameras for The City were at Whitney Port’s Whitney Eve presentation, but the drama appeared to be in short supply. Boo.
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