It may not shock you to learn Heidi Klum wore a jumpsuit at the Project Runway finale.

It also may not shock you to know that this revealed a tremendous amount of sideboob. I mean, if we were Heidi Klum and we had her body, we’d probably be like, “Eh, whatever, enjoy your million-dollar peek.” Indeed, the waist-gobbling leather bow might be her bigger problem here. In fact, my own waist just wrote me a thank-you note for never subjecting it to that. Also present: Andie MacDowell and Jennifer Love Hewitt, although sadly not together. As far as the runway presentations itself, we have some guesses as to who the finalists were – no massive spoilers herein, although we do name the guest judge and mention abstract details about a couple collections, so if you’re a real purist, you may want to avoid.

Also from our first couple days:

– Half the NBA is here, apparently. We saw Dwyane Wade and Carmelo Anthony at rag & bone, and then later at Cynthia Rowley, Chris Bosh was there. They are tall. You’re welcome.

– The big news at Rowley was not Bosh, though, but the fact that LINDSAY F’ING LOHAN showed up at the last second. YES. LOHAN. We made this happen, too, as we’d just been chatting to our seatmate about her for about ten minutes (spurred by a larger discussion entitled, “Ali Lohan: WTF”), and then fell silent for ten seconds and then suddenly there Lindsay was, looking like refried Donatella Versace.

At Nicole Miller, Alexis Bledel looked very pretty and very timid, and Ashley Tisdale looked very bored and very tan.

– If you missed the link Friday, here’s our write-up of starlet-heavy BCBG, including our first Sophia Bush sighting of the season.

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