We are really proud of the pieces we wrote yesterday at Fashion Week. First up: We saw this man.

He wasn’t making this face. I wish he had been, but what he did do was just as amusing: For all the world it looked like he spent the entire Diesel show hitting on the Danish songwriter next to him. Also, one of the commenters on NY Mag noted that he looks like he stole Bradley Cooper’s hair, and that’s the EXACT thought that I had when I was standing in front of him trying to figure out what the deal is with him. So, Random Commenter, you and me? We have the mind meld.

But you guys, the funniest thing that happened all day involved Thomas Jane. I won’t go into it here — you just need to read it, because it was too freaking priceless. However, know this: One of the commenters said, “Thomas Jane could actually be an attractive man if he wasn’t so….himself?” And it’s true. P.S.: He was wearing shoes. AND THEY MAY HAVE MADE HIM CRAZY.

Justin Timberlake and Ashley Olsen joined Nicki Minaj — and Royal Tannenbaum, by which I mean not Gene Hackman but the right royal tanning king Valentino — at Oscar de la Renta, where Nicki basically wore… well, just see for yourself. It will be time well spent.

NEXT TO ANNA WINTOUR. Who acted like it was no big deal. Which maybe to her it wasn’t. But to us, it was hilarious. I’ve decided that the reason she amuses me and Gaga makes me stabby is that Nicki is poking FUN at Gaga and Gaga is just all super-serious and all up in her own head. I might not be right, but I am decided.

Badgley was lower-key — it was in the morning; people don’t like to wake up — but Paz de la Huerta was mentioned, and that is important, because it was for you. For YOU, Fug Nation.

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