I am on record as being like, “do we need a new Downton movie?” and also at the same time being like, “I am ABSOLUTELY going to go see the new Downton movie.” I saw the preview when I went to see The Lost City and my friend Carrie and I looked over at each other after it ended and just, like, nodded and gave thumbs up. Come on. Downton in the south of France? A very tan Lord Grantham? The Dowager Countess probably revealing that she is, in fact, a vampire? Count me in!

ANYWAY. Downton Abbey: A New Era — isn’t every episode of Downton just someone announcing we are in a new era? Think about it — premiered in London yesterday and I must note that this premiere absolutely delighted me and I love all these people because I do love Downton Abbey. 

Also, these are SO good. I wish they were selling them!


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