I am scared that I have jinxed Naomie Harris. Like two weeks ago, I was all, “Naomie Harris can do no wrong! Naomie Harris is consistent perfection! Naomie Harris never makes a sartorial misstep! Naomie Naomie Naomie!” And then she wore this somewhat questionable jumpsuit to the SAGs and now…this. This is…wrong and imperfect and a misstep and I am, as the kids would say, shook.

Here’s how I am justifying this to myself: You know how when you have a really, really great college basketball team, the longer you go without a loss, the more terrifying the whole thing becomes? Because, simply statistically speaking, it’s likely that you will lose at some point. And the closer you get to the tournament in March, the more devastating a loss will be. I personally hate being undefeated. It makes me nervous. Lose a couple of times, lose early, peak at the right time, and then go on your undefeated run. (Am I writing this while watching UCLA play Oregon State? I am.) So if a mid-season game is to the tournament as the BAFTAs are to the Oscars, than this is a good thing. This giant airball of a dress is coming at exactly the right time for Naomie to emerge victorious at the Oscars. DON’T LET ME DOWN, NAOMIE.