I felt bad for Jessie J when she went out to present something with Mark Wahlberg, and had to endure the most mind-numbingly dumb patter that amounted to this: “You’re British.” “Yes.” “Your accent sounds different than mine.” “Yes.” “Heh-heh.” “Sure.” “It will be hilarious if I try to imitate it for the next three minutes.” “No.” She tried, but it seemed a whole lot like she wanted to drop through the floor. I sincerely do not understand why Hollywood lately has been treating British people as if they are a rare species of yeti never before spotted in the world.

Anyway, it’s bad enough that Jessie had to contend with that.

It’s going to get so much worse when Rue McClanahan’s estate comes charging at her to rip the Blanchesuit right off her back.

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