I was surprised at the lack of usual L’Oreal ambassadors on opening night — just Dame Helen, among the high-profile crew — but then Viola swept in today to take care of business. If this is L’Oreal trying to spread the wealth and scatter them across the entire festival, rather than just all together on the first day, that’s probably wise. (Kate Winslet, FYI, is handing out prizes at the closing.) And Ms. Davis looks totally fabulous. This is a major Cannes moment for a major star who didn’t get one at the Oscars this year, so I’m DELIGHTED to see her light up the place in a big ol’ pile of feathers. It doesn’t sound like Mrs. Davis on Peacock is likely to get a second season, but if it did, and it was Ms. Davis, about Viola-as-herself hunting down a DIFFERENT all-knowing A.I., I would watch, and I hope they throw irresponsible amounts of money at her for this.

[Photo: David Fisher/Shutterstock]