The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is shooting again in New York — I forgot that show existed already; I stopped watching in the middle of an episode and never went back — and Rachel Brosnahan is scooting around in a gigantic bubble of an umbrella (an umbubble?). Clearly, though she is in costume, this is not Midge’s. I’m sure it’s so Rachel can get back and forth to the set safely in some kind of special Covid brolly that means she doesn’t have to put a mask on over her makeup, and can also chug her latte. Do we think they added the extra-long sheeting, or do umbrellas in cities with real weather come like that? Fascinating. I DO love logistics, even if I hate pandemics. (I feel like this costume is not as precisely fitted as usual? And the hat looks like a wedding cake perched on her head.)

Celebrity Sightings In New York - March 02, 2021

Gotta be honest… now I kind of want one, and I don’t even drink coffee. Imagine the walking-and-Diet-Coke-ing I could do with one of those. I could safely Coke up all OVER this town.

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