Man, she is relentless about letting her abdomen breathe.

I mean, gather ye rosebuds while ye may, and all that. But none of these are doing her head justice — like, her eyebrows and face and makeup have been FLAWLESS, and then it’s such a wah-waah to look down and see a blah black cropped t-shirt and high-waisted** (p)leather pants ,which I can only describe as ’90s Cut, flapping around her thighs. Even her stomach muscles deserve better.

* A commenter correctly notes that they’re NOT actually high-waisted, technically, but the reason I keep calling them that is that they are long-zippered so it LOOKS like they would be high-waisted pants even though they’re not hitting high above her waist, and… yeah. It’s some weird trick. The entire front of those looks like there is a lot more space between navel and groin than nature usually makes. The end.

Then again, it all beats this:

It’s a bra. I don’t care how you dress it up or pretend you’re wearing a real shirt over it. IT’S A BRA. A bra is not a crop-top; it’s A BRA. A BRA IS NOT AN OUTFIT. A bra is an undergarment, and simply wearing it under a garment does not get you off on a technicality. Can we please all agree on this as a society and move onto stuff that’s more interesting?

But, you know, we can wait just a little longer before we move on, to maximize Fug Madness’s potential for scares.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet, Pacific Coast News]