Why a cosmetics company is doing a runway show is, of course, an excellent question. For press, I guess — and that seems to have worked, as here I am writing about it. To remind everyone that their “brand ambassadors” exist, and to make you think, “oh right, I’m almost out of eye cream.” Perhaps to distract those of us who just read this book from the fact that their company was started by a Nazi. But in my imagination, and looking at only these two photos, I’ve decided that the whole thing was sort of a high-end version of a church fashion show where all the cute ladies on the board decide they’re going to dress up as various people and whoever in the audience correctly guesses the most costumes wins Frieda’s famous pineapple upside-down-cake — which is, let me be clear, a very VERY worthy prize. Frieda knows what she’s doing.  Helen, obviously, is the world’s jauntiest and most stylish chimney sweep — Bert The Chimney Sweep’s Quirky Old Aunt, perhaps — while Jane, obviously, is Nancy Reagan. It’s uncanny.

[Photos: WENN]