I once went to a pool party at the house of a very rich girl who went to my middle school. Her family had a lovely house, and she was a nice kid (we weren’t super close; she was new that year, and we were in choir or something together, but moved in different friend circles because she wasn’t in my grade), and I was nosy about people’s interior decor choices even when I was 12. So believe me when I tell you that I have never forgotten that this nice girl — let’s call her Stacy, and, honestly, that might have actually been her name; she seemed like a Stacy, at any rate — had a huge bathroom all to herself that had a jacuzzi tub, and a shower that ran all along one side of one wall, and, most memorably, featured A GIANT MURAL of hot air balloons against a blue sky all along the shower wall, as if you were bathing outside on a field in Napa. (It was 1987.) This all looks as if someone got locked in Stacy’s bathroom overnight while they were coming down off a bender and, when they emerged, they snapped their fingers and said, “you know that mural’s meant to be? A BLOUSE.”

[Photo:  InstarImages.com]