In fairness, I guess we’re all on the lookout for jeans that feel like sweats. Is that, after all, the entire inspiration behind the Pajama Jean?

But this might be a bridge too far, Miley. I’m loathe to suggest you pick one or the other because both those jeans and the sweats seem like they would be hideous even with both legs, but…maybe just take a moment and think about what early 90s Madonna — obviously your style icon from the waist up — would say. (I think it would be mean.)

In other news, Jenna Dewan Tatum just woke up in a cold sweat:

That is NOT going to happen.

(Although my theory is ACTUALLY that Liam Hemsworth is secretly eaten up with boiling jealousy of Channing Tatum — as in fact he should be — and Miley is just doing this to screw with his head. That idea kind of makes me cackle with glee. Carry on with the mind games, you two. Us Weekly needs the material.)

[Photos: Splash, Pacific Coast News]

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