Mickey Guyton sang at the Memorial Day concert on TV, and thus, we get this lovely potential future piano picture in which she’s belting her heart out framed by a lightly glowing Capitol building. It’s always fun to see someone having a string of cool career and life moments — she sang at the Grammys, she just had a baby, she’s doing this; she’s clearly at the top of her game. I wish the dress met her there. It’s a pretty, sunny color, and I like that she resisted the urge to whack us in the head with red, white, and blue. But the one sleeve, and such a BAGGY one sleeve, makes it look like she had her arm in a sling and then gestured too wildly and the sling snapped. Or like her arm is growing out of her waist. Even just a DIFFERENT sleeve, or NO sleeve, would have changed it. Can we please rewind and re-sleeve Mickey Guyton? WHERE is the TiVo for the universe?

[Photo: Getty]