Louis Vuitton is working overtime customizing stuff for its most visible ambassador. This dress on Michelle Williams is, I think, most closely analogous to a green pantsuit that came down the runway this past October. They solved the problem of whether Michelle Williams would sign off on armpit vents by removing the sleeves altogether and turning the jacket into a cocktail dress — which is a cute enough idea, and reasonably well-executed. But I really wish they’d left it green. Michelle could completely pull off that color. It’s not that the peach is bad, per se, but it blends in so much with her skin tone that the black stripe looks like a tire track, or like tape one of her friends used at a Super Bowl party to make her the capital-I in a human spelling of “GO PATRIOTS.”

Just for fun, I turned to my nonexistent Photoshop skills for a Truly Awful Image Adjustment:

MIchelle Williams

Despite my ineptitude, it’s better, right? I’m quite fond. I also might’ve left it in the same heavier fabric as the original pantsuit. This is the Oscar nominees’ luncheon, so it can be brighter and bolder but also a tiny bit more relaxed. Every other change worked in her favor; if only she’d at LEAST gone full Kermit, I’d be happier.