I read all about this look in Vanity Fair, and I have to say, having read about it, I am now onboard. Let me share the pertinent bits:

For this year’s Gala, Monaghan wore a custom gown by New York designer Rosie Assoulin made of pleather and sequins crafted from recycled beer cans...The dress’s ethical statement were [stylist Karla] Welch, Monaghan, and Assoulin’s answer to the exhibition’s question of what fashion craftsmanship should look like in the age of technology. “Future” and “fashion” often conjure a dystopian, minimalist image, but Assoulin’s creation suggests a brighter future of creativity fueled by an concern for sustainability. The full, floor-length skirt even zips off to convert the look into something apropos for the after-party. “It’s very efficient, and it’s really fun, and it’s super-stunning,” Welch says.

I love everything about that. It’s convertible! It’s BEER CANS! I do think that, for an event like this one, getting to know the thought process behind these looks really enhances the experience of seeing them — much, of course, as getting to read about the significance of a museum piece helps inform your understanding of it. Sure, for the Oscars, I would have side-eyed this. But for this event, I kinda love it.

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