The thing is, I don’t actually think this is a great dress.

I don’t like the tulle strap. I don’t really like the velvet-y drape. I don’t like whatever that middle bit is. It is not, in a sense, the droid I’m looking for. The ONLY thing I like about it, if I’m being honest, is that the Death Star is making me laugh, and I feel like Kirsten Dunst has put in so many years as a Rodarte devotee that she DOES deserve to be the first one to wear one of the Star Wars dresses. And she REALLY deserves bonus points for doing it the day after May The Fourth Be With You, with so much panache that she doesn’t look silly. It’s a Jedi Christmas miracle. I just hope hers doesn’t come with any carelessly built trenches that will lead the rebel X-wings straight to the self-destruct button. … Wait, that was Mega Maid. Hey! Maybe Spaceballs can be next season. May the Schwartz be with you, Mulleavy sibs.

[Photo: Getty]