Let’s not pretend: I have serious reservations about the hair. It reminds me of Minnie Mouse.

Actually, it reminds me MORE of that scene in Spaceballs where Daphne Zuniga is driving her space Mercedes away from her own wedding, and Robot Joan Rivers is trying to talk to her, and Daphne takes off her hair buns to reveal that they were actually hair-bun-shaped headphones. Also, not for nothing, the concept of Robot Joan Rivers is not used enough in society. I wish we had one at GFY HQ.

Anyway: Rihanna. I also think she needed a more dramatic eye or lip — preferably eye, I think — but the dress itself is a knockout. She’s wearing it like a sexy second skin. With, of course, a small window to her original skin:

But it’s the right amount. She’s mixed classy and edgy with an admirable level of restraint. It’s amphibiously bitchin’, which I hope is also my review of her upcoming movie Battleship. Because — insert a Tami Taylor-drawled y’aaaaaall here — Rihanna is going to be just fine, but I need Tim Riggins and Landry to have thriving careers. Or at least careers that are as sexy as … you know what, I can’t bring this full-circle to Rihanna. I like the dress, but I like an excuse to talk Friday Night Lights even more, so let’s leave this post on fond, sun-saturated memories of Dillon, Texas, and all its resident pecs.

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