Yeah, TOTALLY revisit your hair from There’s Something About Mary. That’s a GREAT IDEA.

It’s like the reality of what someone just did to her bangs for this evening has just sunk in. And reality, as they say, bites.

It’s worth nothing that Cameron all of a sudden looks like no one to me so much as Princess Sadface of Monaco, to the point that I hope Charlene makes a run for it soon just so Cammy D can play her in the inevitable caper flick. Part of that is this totally classy but somewhat boring neutral dress — this is one of those dresses that look glorious on someone quite young, and fabulous on someone quite old, but can make someone in her late 30s/early 40s look older, weirdly — which is exactly in Charlene’s wheelhouse (and should not be in Cameron’s), but part of it is just actual facial resemblance.

Addendum:  listen, it’s none of my business what plastic surgery people get — beyond having the natural human reaction of, “what did ZYX do to her FACE?” which we all have with celebrities, especially ones like Cameron, who’ve been in the public eye for so long that we feel as though we know them, and therefore we react to their boob jobs the way we’d react if our next-door neighbors got one.  But I have not gotten used to her new boobs yet.  There. Now you know.