This Last Witch Hunter thing feels like something somebody developed by pulling names out of a hat. “VIN DIESEL and ELIJAH WOOD in a movie about WITCH-HUNTING.” “SAM WORTHINGTON and KATY PERRY and DON CHEADLE in a movie about CHEFS WHO ARE RUDE.” “DENNIS QUAID and HILARY SWANK and GABRIELLE UNION in a movie about THE PLAGUE IN SPACE.” “RIHANNA and TAYLOR KITSCH and LIAM NEESON in a movie about THE BOARD GAME BATTLESHIP.” Oh, wait, that one’s real.

Anyway, this dress also feels like Trend Salad to me.

KEYHOLE CLEAV and CUTOUTS and MIDRIFF STRIPE and VAGINAL SLIT with MINIMALIST MATCHING SHOES and BOOB PANCAKE. All that’s missing are sheers. Can someone please at least put new ideas into the hat before they draw words out of it?

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