Today’s event was a visit to The Mayhew, an international animal welfare charity that’s one of Meghan’s new patronages, and it’s certainly right up both her alley and Harry’s. The Mayhew was founded in the late 1800s, and also does a lot of work with homeless people and their animals, as well as the elderly via its TheraPaws program (the mental health angle there makes double sense for the Sussexes). In a nutshell, this day involved petting a LOT of dogs. I imagine Harry is at home flipping through images on his computer and cooing, “YOU ARE A GOOD BOY. YES YOU ARE.”

As for the outfit, it is basically Meghan at her most Meghan: slingbacks, a creamy-beige situation, monochrome. She loves the beige/white/cream family — remember on the Royal Tour she wore two nearly identical outfits in that palette, comprised of different pieces — so obviously, this and navy blue are her comfort zones. (It might actually lend credence to the theory that the red and purple of Monday’s appearance was chiefly a nod to that organization’s logo.)  While I’m here, though, I do not subscribe to the theory that wearing similar styles and outfits is intended to keep the focus on the charity itself — not because they don’t care about the charities, but because the young royals by now know the fashion will always be a headline no matter what it is. People just really like talking about clothes, specifically their clothes. I have a hard time imagining they think they can lull us into not enjoying that anymore, you know?

The coat is an Armani wool situation last seen on her trip to Sussex (I’m glad to see a re-wear; she owns a LOT of what I consider nondescript neutral coats), the shoes are Paul Andrew slingbacks that she may have had for awhile because I can’t find the camel color online, and the dress is H&M Mama — retailing for a very reasonable $35 if you are in need and available in a “dark grey melange” as well as this “beige melange.” This whole outfit is a beige melange, frankly. A beigelange. I find myself wishing she’d gone with the dark grey. Or dark red, maybe? Purple shoes, at the very least.? Something zingy. (I was going to shout out to dark green, too, but that’s the palette from the Sussex visit and maybe she didn’t want to dip back into that well quite so hard.) For me personally, and I know this is going to make me unpopular but I can’t help what I think: Meghan’s style in general is heavy on missed opportunities. Like it’s a meal missing its seasoning, or something. But, at least, it’s full of good jewelry, as with her Maison Birks today, and she looks comfortable.

Here, she’s discussing TheraPaws (I believe) alongside a dog whose name I would have assumed is Rhubarb BUT EDITED TO ADD the commenters tell me it’s a TV show reference:

Lots of good chitchat videos today, actually, since it was a very intimate gathering:


I couldn’t make out the exchange; can you?

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