This is a very ladylike look!  I mean, as one would expect from Meghan doing an event with The Queen; you’re not going to show up at Buckingham Palace in a one-legged leather jumpsuit from some hot new British designer aiming to disrupt the fashion world by reinventing the concept of pants. I’d opt for the Jackie O reference too.

We talked about this on the Royally Obsessed podcast a bit last week, but I feel like here has been an expectation from some (in general, not here specifically) that Meghan was going to be Super Directional Fashion Princess, when (a) that’s putting a lot of sartorial pressure on a person who probably wants to fit into this very complicated family as seamlessly as possible in the first few months of her marriage and (b) her personal fashion history isn’t that ground-breaking.  She has always looked very pretty and appropriate for whatever event she’s attending, and she clearly is interested in and likes fashion (which is, I’m sure, part of the reason she’s started wearing very high-end lines), but it doesn’t surprise me that she’s been looking fairly conservative lately. We talk here a lot about how the clothing a public figure chooses to wear says something about the way she wants to be seen — sometimes it says, “take me seriously as an actress,” sometimes it says, “Dior paid me to wear this!” — and it makes emotional sense to me that Meghan would be saying, “I take my new role seriously and I am going to Dress Like a Duchess.” I also think we’re going to see her wardrobe change a lot over the next five years, as she settles into her new life. It’s going to be interesting.

Also, I like this color on her.

In case you want to see her Prada in motion:

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