The British press loves a drama. When Meghan got off the plane in Tonga, the wind kicked up and revealed that a tag lingered on her dress near the hemline, and the Mirror and the DMIK were screeching about it as a FASHION FAUX-PAS and FASHION FAILURE!!! Y’all, to me, a fashion faux-pas is when you show up in a bikini to a white-tie event. Forgetting a tag on your dress is a bummer, sure, but it’s a minor accident AND it’s one that it seems no one would have noticed were it not for the breeze — and in fact, you can only see it in very specific shots; the rest of the time it’s undetectable. But here’s what really sucks: Meghan’s job here was to be hustled out of one outfit and into another, before putting on a confident smile and walking down airplane steps in heels, while tired and pregnant, so laying a rogue tag at her feet as a FASHION FAILURE!!!!! seems needlessly combative. And thus, it was undoubtedly someone else’s job to check the tags, and I’m sure that underling is HUGELY EMBARRASSED and probably crying in a Tongan rental vehicle right now. Maybe it is my inner grandmother surging to the fore, but I just want to hug that person and remind them that life is a rich tapestry and this is but one missed stitch. Sneak some kava from Harry’s suitcase — oh, you know he’s got a stash for before he head to head home — and get some sleep. Tomorrow will be better, kid.

The credits: It’s Self Portrait, and the red is a bright and lovely nod to the Tongan flag. Her shoes are the same Manolo BB navy pumps she wore to bid Fiju adieu, and the Dior clutch is also the same. Much as I embraced the blue accents with her green dress, I also appreciate them here. It was deft to minimize the amount of overhaul between outfits.

[Photos: Tim Rooke/Rex/Shutterstock]