These two are about to peace out of Fiji, but they had one more stop first, which involved unveiling a statue and Harry getting to knock back another shot of kava. For the welcome ceremony, which appears to be similar to the one from their arrival, Meghan went slightly business-chic in a forest-green Jason Wu and navy Manolos. And HOORAY for that contrasting color choice. It’s so much more interesting than a black shoe, which has its place, but if you can give a little extra zing and still use a pair you already brought for other outfits, then perfect. Smart styling. I love navy and dark green together; since Notre Dame’s various sports teams can’t seem to decide if they want to be blue and gold, or green, or WHAT, it’s an iteration that I have seen often and which is dear to my heart.

Meghan’s bracelets are by a Britain-based woman named Pippa Small, who sounds fascinating. She has earned all kinds of recognition (including an MBE from the Queen) for her work with sustainability, ethical sourcing, and fair trade organizations and is super accomplished… and yet somehow I anticipate her accomplishments getting drowned out by dumb clickbait headlines that say, “Did Duchess Meghan Just Send a Message To Pippa Middleton?” I hope I am wrong. (Clickbait has been making me insane lately.) Meghan has the Oshna bracelet and the Omeen. [The earrings are Aurelie Biderman, per Meghan’s Mirror, but are sold out.]

As part of the statue unveiling, Harry got to pull a string AND remove a cloth:

That’s some good finesse. And:

And then we’re off to Tonga. I appreciated the relaxed island feel of her two patterned Fiji outfits, and thought she deployed them appropriately; it’ll be fun to see what Tonga yields. It begins with an airport greeting and then an official reception and dinner, so cross your fingers for some more glam.

[Photos: Rex/Shutterstock]