In case you read the headline and are wondering, “Better than what?”, please allow me to direct you to this Lacoste mess from last week. Even the Society of Sentient Alligators likely wrote a strongly worded letter. After that, she could have cloaked herself in just about anything and we would have clapped. This feels like the ol’ reset button, the palate cleanser, the sartorial sorbet meant to wash away the taste of a dish that didn’t satisfy. It checks off some basic Chanel boxes: the thick poncho look Karl favored, the quilting that made its purses iconic; the boots are also flattering on her, which is hard to achieve with a mid-thigh style. It’s all very “Everything under control; situation normal.” The logo is making me laugh, though. Floating around on her like that, it evokes nothing to me so much as Darth Vader’s TIE fighter joyriding through space. In fact…

Nous Finirons Ensemble Premiere

Now THAT is better. This concludes today’s episode of Dumb Things I Did Late at Night with Photoshop.