Mandy Moore’s styling these days feels all over the place, as if every time she gets an invitation somewhere it comes as a surprise and everyone on her team is scrambling to figure out what to do. They’ve had a year since she shot that pilot to prepare for the This Is Us juggernaut, and a couple MONTHS since it actually proved to BE a juggernaut, and yet they still seem unsure of what to do with her. Is she edgy? Girly? Classically romantic? Crazy? The only outfit that’s stuck for me is this ensemble she wore to great effect at a polo match. It’s a little bit loud and a LOT bit cute, and it has personality without being overly… ugh, I hate the word “directional,” but it fits. I’m all for experimentation, but I don’t always feel like anyone is piloting this boat, so much as poking at the wheel occasionally in between cocktails.

This ADEAM leaves me cold because it evokes that old half-assed shopping day where a girl has to try on Prom dresses and is NOT IN THE MOOD, and doesn’t even want to bother removing her original outfit unless she thinks there’s potential. And the makeup is crazy wrong — eyes too heavy, lips too light. Imagine the head from the outfit I just linked atop this dress, and it’s already better. Mandy Moore is one of the most naturally lovely people there is — This Is Us does her up like she’s not wearing any pancake at all, and she’s perfect — and this entire collection of decisions is stepping all over that loveliness. Dear Mandy: Visit a stylist who’s really good at figuring out your sartorial identity and then slowly stretching its boundaries (they exist; y’all know how much we loved Ilaria Urbinati’s work with Nina Dobrev back in the day). You’re getting a second season. Use it well. In the meantime:

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