All righty, it’s time to play a little game I like to call, “Hey, Who Is That Dude In The Sunglasses?” It’s not a very catchy name. I have to workshop it.

Now, maybe this won’t be as hard for some of you as it was for me, but for whatever reason, even in the close-up, I didn’t get it. I will eliminate one contender by noting that I thought it was Ewan McGregor. Study up and then click through to see if you’re right, and then we can talk about his shoes.

It is Chris Pine, a.k.a. James T. Kirk 2.0. I don’t know if it’s the grey in his beard or the height of his hair, but it threw me right off the Pine scent. He does look DAPPER, at least, although I am decidedly not sold on his blue suede shoes. He’s very respectable all the way down to the part where he turns into Mickey Rourke. I am DOUBTFUL about that portion of today’s proceedings, unless he’s going to PLAY Mickey Rourke and is literally walking a mile in his loafers. I would watch that movie, even if it turns out to be a short film called Chris Pine Walks A Mile In Mickey Rourke’s Loafers.

Did you guess correctly?

  • Yes (29%, 1,194 Votes)
  • No (56%, 2,323 Votes)
  • Well, I cheated. (15%, 611 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,128

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[Photos: Pacific Coast News]

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