This first look is, obviously, Monse. Maggie Gyllenhaal is VERY MUCH the sort of person who would wear Monse, I feel like, and potentially sneer at you for not getting it. The thing is, Maggie, I DO get it: I just often think that it’s dumb. (Like, I dig the zippers on your shoulders here, but the one at the hem of the dress just makes you look like you got distracted in the middle of transforming the newest iteration of the Infinite Dress.)

Maggie wore the above into the Colbert studios (whether she was coming from another event, or just felt like looking fancy to visit The Memorial Letterman Dumpster Sidewalk Patch is an eternal mystery), which is why she’s wearing the same (fabulous, Prada) shoes with this:

Guests at Stephen Colbert Show

Both of these dresses are a cool vibe for her. She looks very…tough 1946 American Newspaper Heiress Fighting for Respect from the Possibly Sexist but Definitely Hot Editor Who Thinks He Can Tell Her What to Do, Who Also has Secret Pain Because of Stuff He Saw During the War. (They’ll make out at some point, but he’ll eventually marry an uptight Connecticut blonde, and Maggie’s character will get run over by a bus; this movie has an unexpectedly sad ending.) It works.

[Photos: Getty, Backgrid]