In the front row post earlier today, we covered that this orange tarp is intentional — the venue is a building that Louis Vuitton is going to turn into some kind of multipurpose flagship space that includes a hotel. Nicolas Ghesquiere told WWD of the clothes themselves:

His spring collection was designed to be easy to pack: exit the zips and buckles the size of gold bars, and in with lightweight materials like the fine cashmere of a maroon robe coat. The designer is not done with volume yet, only this time he offered inflated blouses and padded satin jackets as snuggly as down comforters.

“We actually weighed the fabrics almost down to the gram, and considered how clothes could be packed — what looks good when it’s wrinkled, and what shouldn’t be creased,” he said.

What EVER looks good when it’s wrinkled? There is a lot of pattern-mixing, some butt belts, a couple vexing pairs of pants. Oh, and don’t forget the goggles, and there is one pair of shoes I hate because it leaves ONLY the big toe exposed? Nice for all that to be easy to pack, but not in my suitcase.

[Photos: Launchmetrics Spotlight]