Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston just did a Fast Times at Ridgemont High table read for charity, and I think accepted their various roles JUST so the Internet could light on fire when she read the words, “Brad, I think you’re so sexy, will you come to me?” (These two have become very good at giving the Internet periodic Bradiston fodder, and yes, I think I just made up that portmanteau.) Brad’s hair was so long and bleached that I was surprised he didn’t play Spicoli, but it also harkened back to another time remembered him being shaggy in Jen’s presence: the 2002 Emmys. He had the hair of a Bee Gee who discovered flat irons, and she was in a heightened windblown-beachy phase and wore her nightgown, which lent the whole thing an air of “we were rolling around in our hotel room until the limo arrived.” She then went ahead and won:


And looked both stunned, and a little like she wanted to vomit. Honestly, though, she looks pretty good. It’s skimpy, but in a very 2002 way that works much better here than it did in the countless other incarnations — possibly because she paired it with shoes that would turn out to be timeless. And he looks… you know, still like a Bee Gee who discovered flat-irons. Maybe he used all his hair to hide that his weed was taped to his scalp. YOU NEVER KNOW.

[Photos: Shutterstock]