This is the week where, now that the Emmys are finally behind us and we can breathe again, we start scrambling to figure out what the heck we missed while we were underwater. Poor London Fashion Week. It’s already sort of the forgotten child in the family, clumsily bridging the end of New York and the beginning of Milan, like the sorbet of fashion fests. (Parenthetically, I don’t know how these editors do it — we’re wiped out enough just after New York.) But it brought us some Kristen Stewart, some Naomi with confusing zippers, more SWINTON, a handful of Kelis, and of course PIPPA!!!!111!1! Although frankly, I’m sort of glad the [email protected]!#[email protected]!#?!! obsession is relaxing. It was just a dress, folks. It was just a bum. Let her breathe. Heavily, into Harry’s ear. WHAT? Come on, you’re all still sorta hoping for that, admit it.