We have featured Brynne Edelsten before, but if you need a primer: She’s the cheerful Ameristralian (Oklahoma-born; wed to an Australian medical magnate) who overtans, underdresses, has a reality show called My Bedazzled Life, had Jason Alexander narrate her wedding DVD despite the fact that he’d never met them, and got Fran Drescher to her $3 million wedding even though she hadn’t met them either. So basically, she seems like a hoot. If she were over here on Real Housewives of Tulsa, we’d probably be rolling our eyes and screaming bloody Kardashian, yet applied to Australia’s shores something about her terrible taste becomes hilariously charming. I mean, this is a parade of TOTAL ATROCITIES, and yet also so cheerul. It is IMPOSSIBLE for me to view it and get depressed about humanity, the way most of the serious Fug Madness contenders make me feel.

Anyway, Brynne whipped out a tasty treat at the Logies again, but despite the fact that her archive on GFY is bigger than you’d expect, there’s also a ton of stuff she’s worn over the years that we haven’t shown. So here it is, a Brynne Edelsten special — a.k.a., possibly the best, tannest slideshow ever.

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