This is coincidental, because I literally just watched All About Eve this weekend — it was on Turner Classic Movies — and FYI, that movie really holds up. (I had seen it previously. I also feel like I’m slowly turning into a person who only watches old movies and sports and soap operas…so, I guess, my own grandmother. This tracks.) Agent Scully and Young Meryl Streep From Mamma Mia II (a film that I truly feel may have been my favorite of last year,  and I am not being sarcastic) are playing (obviously) Margo Channing and Eve Harrington, respectively. Luckily, their Opening Night Party looks do not make for a bumpy night. Speaking of which, this is how I plan to enter every party to which I am invited in 2019:

Then I’m going to get real drunk and yell at people.

Having said that: I cannot tell if Gillian Anderson is still in costume? She’s definitely still in hair and makeup. Either way: This look suits her, and clearly I’m never going to be mad about a polka dot.

[Photo by Dan Wooller/REX/Shutterstock]