First off, yes: There is a new (non-musical) miniseries adaptation of Les Miserablecoming to Masterpiece Theatre on PBS in April. It’s a BBC production that I believe the Brits have just seen. ANYWAY, I’ve known Lily Collins was in it for ages — David Oyelowo is Javert, Dominic West is Jean Valjean, Olivia Colman is Madame Thenardier (which should be great), Josh O’Connor (who plays the Chaz to Colman’s QEII in the next season of The Crown) is Marius — and I assumed Lily was either Cosette or Eponine, but y’all, she’s Fantine. That possibility literally never even occurred to me! I mean, it’s a great part, what with all the romantic betrayal and the tragical dying and then the popping up at the end as a ghost in a scene that I am not totally confident is actually in the book because I haven’t read it in twenty-five years, but you feel me. I just assumed she was going to get something that involved more Longing Glances at Marius. ANYWAY, speaking of tragically dying, that’s what this outfit makes me want to do! This look has killed the dream I dreamed — specifically that we were not in for four-to-six years of Monse knock-offs on the red carpet. (The top in particular looks like a home-ec assignment that careened dramatically off the rails.) At least she’ll always have her great eyebrows.

[Photo: Broadimage/REX/Shutterstock]