It goes without saying that I hope this look foretells a Lil’ Kim bridal line, because I think that would be fun, and don’t we all need it? But more than anything, I want to give praise that Lil’ Kim, in her infinite wisdom, looked at this and said, “you know what? I WILL wear something underneath there.” Because some people would not, and we all know that.

Speaking of, we allĀ also know that, deep in the heart of Calabasas, each Kardashian picked up her laptop just now and held it closer to her face, the better to look at those shoes. “Hmmm. I like those,” they each murmured softly to their empty great rooms, as the Santa Ana winds whistled through the trees outside their windows and the thoughts of most Southern Californians turned to murder. Luckily for said boots, in much of Calabasas, good taste is already dead.

[Photo: Getty]

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