Under normal circumstances, we’d be covering the red carpet of the 2021 SAGs today — but, of course, twas not to be! As it currently stands, the SAGs have been rescheduled for April 4th here in Los Angeles, which seems more likely to actually happen than the late February date set for the Golden Globes. The Oscars are scheduled for April 25th. (That one might happen? It would be great if it did!) Regardless, while we wait, let’s take a look back in time and check out our favorites of the 2020 SAGs — and actually vote for them, this time.

Because it turns out we, er, forgot to run a Best/Worst of the 2020 SAGs. I think this was because we were in the final stretch of turning in The Heir Affair and just couldn’t juggle everything? It was too soon for me to be having an emotional breakdown about the pandemic or the election, so it have to have been the book? I don’t know! I will also note that the 2020 SAGs red carpet was not memorable; even the good looks sort of fell out of my head, and it’s possible that by the time we got to the Friday of this week, we just sort of forgot it even happened.

Anyway, it’s something to do now! Put that blurb on the side of bus!

Who was the best-dressed at the 2020 SAGs?

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