I stumbled upon this post while rooting around the archives, and it’s a combination of things I forgot existed: the dress, the purse, and the scrolldown to a second outfit. And what is this time of The Great Nothingness but a chance to remember what we had forgotten?!?

We were a bit torn on this dress the first time. It’s undoubtedly very Movie Star. But Blake had done Movie Star a trifle better than this before. At the 2014 Met Gala, for example, or in Cannes just a few months later that year. I can’t deny it looks super on her, though. I wish the feathery skirt came up to the leather waist. Or maybe the top would look too much like lingerie, in that instance? As it is, though — well, Jessica at the time said it thusly: “I just feel like this might be TOO MUCH: too much lace, too much red, too much leather, too many feathers, too much hair (NEVER TOO MUCH HAIR, I TAKE IT BACK, BLAKE). This dress feels like it’s got a lot of smoke and mirrors happening, on a person who needs neither.” A solid point.

That jewel-encrusted Nemo cost $6,000. I wonder if one thing that comes out of Covid will be that things stop having ghastly price tags. Dare I dream? (Probably not.) So, in the end, the situation is: She looks gorgeous, even though it’s not my favorite dress, and the purse was unexpected whimsy.

This outfit, featured at the bottom of the same post, was more of a lead balloon — and made me like Red Dress a lot better:


Yes, that does indeed appear to be a bodystocking and a coat, like she’s some kind of fancy celestial demi-flasher. I don’t know how a person can swerve from elegance to egregiousness this way, but… well, actually, allow me to quote Jessica again: “Okay, is there something LOUDER than ellipsis that still implies a slightly open-mouthed yet still deadpan state of speechlessness? Because that’s the punctuation I need right now. !!!!! seems too excited. ???????? is close, but doesn’t quite cover it. I need a combo between …… and ?????? and I can’t quite figure out what that is. Like, “….??….” Maybe I need just a SERIES of punctuation marks (this is clearly beyond actual words). Like, “!!???…..///>>>???!” That seems close.”

Let’s vote on Big Red, so that we can all say we engaged in a group activity today.

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