FIRST! I accidentally downloaded a pic where girlfriend looks HAMMERED. Don’t read too much into that — I was so focused on getting a good shot of the dress that I didn’t look at her face. I don’t think she was that close to falling into a bush, I just grabbed a bad pic. Although, who hasn’t fallen into a bush at some point in her life?

SECOND: rumors are swirling that she is dating Brad Pitt. I FULLY endorse this. They each seem like the kind of person the other would want to bang, and let’s get real: Life is short. If hot celebrities cannot hook up in potentially misguided ways with sexy results, what hope do the rest of us have for a fun summer?

THIRD: This dress is really cute. It’s like she’s finally realized how to take her boho tendencies and, as Tyra would say, MAKE IT FASHION.