ANSEL ELGORT; Hey guys! I’m so excited.

EDGAR WRIGHT: Me too! Baby Driver is doing really well and is actually a good movie despite its insanely stupid title that I can’t believe people let me get away with! I know, I know, if you have to see the movie to get the title, it’s not good marketing for the movie, but I really just felt like, look, his name is BABY and he’s DRIVING so OBVIOUSLY we should call  it –

LILY JAMES: Yes, WE KNOW. Anyway, I look nice, right? My career is going extremely well, also. Did you hear I just got cast to play the young Meryl Streep in the Mamma Mia sequel? Talk about a compliment! I decided to wear something that feels vaguely inspired by how everyone sort of dressed like they were in Out of Africa back in the day. Like when Banana Republic’s interiors actually looked like a place you went to stock up before a safari. But fashion!

ANSEL: And I, Ansel Elgort, a name that sounds like a gargle, am following those old words of sartorial wisdom: Dress for the job you want! If this works, before you know it, Deadline will be reporting that I’ve taken a small role as a bellman in a Wes Anderson movie! CROSS YOUR FINGERS FOR ME!

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