I really enjoy the stylings of this particular Informative Caption Writer. To wit: “Rihanna was seen out in Downtown LA during the early hours over the weekend, as she was joined by a small crew for location scouting for a secret project. She was seen taking pictures and writing notes as she walked through the DTLA area including Grand Park. The billionaire singer went incognito with sunglasses and her hair wrapped in a scarf as she breezed through the area unnoticed, although there were very few pedestrians at 2am. It is unknown what project she is preparing for but her Rihanna navy will definitely be hoping that this could mean new music from the multi-talented business woman/ entrepreneur/designer/ music artist.” We ARE hoping that and also I’m sure she’s doing something interesting but my theory is that she’s scouting locations for a Fenty event. Informative Caption goes on to remind me that this Bottega Veneta coat was previously worn by Hailey Bieber (all the way back in October) and I’m sure even Hailey would agree that Rihanna did it better. (But as that post makes very clear, none of us were doing anything very well in October 2020.) As to why Rihanna is wearing a winter coat in September in Los Angeles — we cool down at night but not THAT much — I will just assume it has to do with her MYSTERY PROJECT and rest easy.

[Photo by Diggzy/Shutterstock]