Christian told Vogue that this collection might be “a bit more than I would have done normally” because they’ve been getting a ton of bonkers requests, and if that’s the case, then people will certainly find inspiration in it. There are bright colors and ruffles, and then a really unfortunate and prolonged Dark Night of the Soul period in the middle that made me wail in frustration, which I guess… is in keeping with the emotional times, at least? But the stars of Christian’s empire are the models he uses — a diversity of size and color that you still rarely see anywhere but on his runways, and he does it as readily as breathing. The clothes they’re wearing often seem there to showcase the models rather than the other way around, and since so much of his best work is custom, maybe that makes sense too. However: You are going to know quickly which outfit turned me into a banshee, but just know that it is not the only one. This is a roller-coaster. Bring your Dramamine.

[Photos: Imaxtree]