Leslie had been a bit of a forgotten human until she made the rounds with Sam Rockwell during awards season — which is unfair to say, honestly, because she would’ve filmed this movie beforehand and so obviously plenty of casting people remembered her. But my point is more that she hadn’t been back in the public eye until his awards run, and now it’s her turn, and that’s got to feel gratifying. Unfortunately, she comes across here as a cyborg who has been studying ten years of red carpet trends and used the holodeck to craft an outfit that touches as many of them as possible. Sequins? Yes. Cutouts? Sure. Smoky eye? YOU BETCHA. Slicked hair? Present. Heavy blush? Right there. Single strap shoes? Yes, rolled together with slip-ons. I wish she’d dialed this back to, say, a four, from its current eleven.

Oh, and I also think this poster is going to make me shriek-laugh. The four faces I can see are HILARIOUSLY BAD. Ed Helms has been computer-chiseled into an entirely different human being, Jake Johnson looks like a cross between Benecol Cholesterol and Jason Mantzoukas, and Jon Hamm and Jeremy Renner are having a smug-off. IT’S A TIE, GENTS.

[Photo: WENN]
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