Lauren is leaving The Walking Dead (presumably with a lifetime of financial security under her belt) to co-star with Scott Foley in something called Whiskey Cavalier, which… honestly, I’d look chipper, too. However well they get along, it has GOT to put you in a dark headspace to be immersed in that much flesh-eating, head-exploding peril. (Nobody tell her what Scott used to do on Scandal.) And I loved this light, summery, sophisticated dress, and yes, the sunglasses definitely help… but then I zoomed in and saw that we’re getting visible matching floral shoulder pads. Applause for that level of detail, I guess, but with so much excellence in one visual here, WHY is the designer giving anyone an excuse to squint and frown and stare at anything but the delightful whole? Vote no on visible coordinated shoulder pads. This message has been paid for by No, Seriously, We Don’t Need To Accessorize Our Shoulders That Way.

[Photo: Rex/Shutterstock]