Okay, yeah, I can’t say for sure she isn’t mixing white and cream, and you know how much that rankles my craw. The pants also have a waist and pelvic pleating situation that takes me right back to eighth grade — and lest there be any question, this cantankerous grandma was in eighth grade in the previous century. But drinking in the whole rather than examining its parts… doesn’t this vibe work on her? She seems comfortable and relaxed, and looks professional and put-together but not slovenly — an issue I had with a lot of the dudes at Comic-Con this past weekend, who, frankly, I think could stand to put in a bit more effort for the fans who paid through the nose to see them represent their work and that of a lot of other people on staff who are below the line. Women don’t have to wear cocktail frocks, but that doesn’t mean dudes should wear stained sweatpants. BUT, this isn’t supposed to be a rant about that. I’m just noting that Katie looks cool, in a business-casual way that would work in a lot of other venues where women feel like they have to squeeze into a high and tight cocktail dress, and that I think she should explore this more often. It’s almost Meghan Markle-esque; the pants are just missing some flare. And flair, but we’ll get there.

[Photo: WENN]