FYI, the phrase “Kristen Chenoweth’s Boots Go Nearly to Her Chin” is whatever the typewritten version of a tongue-twister is. A finger finagler? First I typed that her boos go nearly to her chin, which is nonsensical but at least Halloween-y, and then that her boobs go nearly to her chin, which would be quite an endorsement for her push-up bra. But no. I meant her BOOTS. Her shoes. Those things on her feet. They are aggressive! While I DO appreciate how perfectly she matches the movie’s logo, and I will always love Cheno for the time she unself-consciously told the world that she accidentally once set her extensions on fire while she was barfing, she kind of looks like a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader whose boots have gained sentience and are en route to choke her.

[Photo: WENN]