I was originally going to put this up to a vote. Then I was going to UnFug it. Can you tell that I have mixed feelings about it?

Here’s why: the pattern is cute, and I think she is pulling it off, essentially. However, this whole Bra Top look that designers have been pushing for the last year or so really irks me. 90% of women are not going to wear this, ever. Even if you look fantastic in a Bra Top, many many women have nowhere to wear one — you can’t wear it to 90% of workplaces, at least. And even if you have somewhere to wear it, and look fantastic in it, the likelihood is that you’re going to put it on, then look at it and think, “this is INSANE. I feel totally self-conscious in this. I am not wearing a bra top anywhere but the gym.” So while I kind of applaud Katy Perry for managing to wear a formal patterned sports bra without looking totally bonkerstown, the very fact that there EXISTS a formal patterned sports bra makes me kinda stabby.

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