This hair-d0 on Kerry has a fun Syndey Bristow quality to it, and I was just about to say, “can someone write Kerry an amazing TV show where she spies on people and kicks ass?” and then I remembered that Shonda Rhimes admitted she binged all of Alias the summer before the whole B-316 plot took over Scandal, so that’s kind of already happened. But the issue is that Olivia Pope hardly ever gets to wear crazy costumes and destroy evil people — unless the show has changed a lot since I quit watching it. Please, if she is climbing up the sides of buildings in catsuits and kicking Russian mobsters in the nads and stealing back pilfered jewels and wearing new and cool hair every week, let me know and I’ll come right back. If not, I’ll just console myself with the fanfic I’m going to write about how Kerry Washington spent all of the Met Gala spying on some Vogue employees who are also art forgers. She’s doing this to help her college roommate who works at the FBI, and who needed someone on the inside who can really get deep into the Met Gala; obviously, Kerry will be great at this and the FBI will then hire her as a consultant to work in the field on all their fashion and Hollywood-related cases. Michael Kors, who designed this dress, will prove to be a surprisingly great sidekick — so quick with a quip! No one suspects him! EVERYONE tells him their gossip! — and they’ll team up to fight crime. I’m sorry, I need to go work on this now. Discuss the dress amongst yourselves.

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